There are several organisations that are involved in making City Angels happen each week.

The following churches currently provide volunteers for the project.

Christ Church

Revelation Family Church
Chichester Baptist Church
Chichester Cathedral
Grace Church
Immanuel Church
St Richards Catholic Church

St Pancras Church of England

New Life Christian Church

Other churches in Chichester are also right behind the project. They provide support and help in many other ways beyond providing volunteers.
St Pauls
Swanfield Chapel

We are also supported by and working with statutory bodies in Chichester
Chichester District Council
Sussex Police
Chichester Safety Partnership
Chichester Businesses Against Crime (ChiBac)

Arun Angels
Our friends at Arun Angels have played a big part in helping us set up and get running. Without them things would have taken a lot longer and we would have made plenty more mistakes. So a huge thank you to Derek Baker and his team.

A Word From Our Partners
"Since the arrival of the City Angels in Chichester there has been a dramatic reduction in crime and anti social behaviour in the City centre. It is always a pleasure working alongside the Angels and is another excellent example of multi-agency working in Chichester. With more volunteers to help cover the Saturday nights too I expect this intiative to go from strength to strength.I would also wish to thank all the Angels for their continued good work "
PC Jimmy Upton

"Sussex Police are delighted to partner with City Angels, helping keep Chichester a safe place on Friday and Saturday nights. City Angels change the atmosphire, providing a calming influnece, caring for the vulenerable as well as serving great hot chocolate! Their sucess is not only measured by a 57% reduction in violent crime, but also the heartwarming stories of their "Acts of Random Kindness".
Former Chief Superintendent Martin Walker
West Sussex Divisional Commander
Sussex Police

"What I have noticed with the City Angels project is the overwhelming desire of volunteers and partners to work together to make our City a safer place to live, work and socialise. This is a project that everyone can be proud of and the early reductions in violent crime and anti-social behaviour within the City are testament to the hard work of those involved."
Will Rolls
Inspector CR901
Chichester Neighbourhood Policing Team

"I have been running a busy city centre venue for the last seven years and seen happy and troubled times in the city. The city Angels started a couple of years a go and the reports and support they have brought into the city and made a wonderful improvement. From chatting to observing and offering help with Coffee or flip flops or even taking customers home has seen a massive drop in trouble around the city walls.
The staff are friendly and all ways have a good ear to bend. Thinking that the Angels were only on a Friday night but now on a Saturday. Chichester I believe is now a safer city. WELL DONE to the Angels….
Sharon Chittock
The Globe Inn